Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released last Friday (25) with several modes in multiplayer and thus, available for PC, PS4 and Xbox. One of the game happens to be Ground War, which puts 64 players on the map, separating them into two teams of 32 soldiers. But what few know is that the option has a way to win the match with a nuclear bomb .

This is not exactly new mechanics. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), players could use nuke after hitting a 25-kills killstreak, a simple task.

Now the mechanics work a little bit differently. Instead of trying to stay alive while accumulating kills, the team needs to earn and maintain all map points, then wait for the 'DEFCON' timer to reach zero. And… kabummm!

Just like there in the 2009 game, getting the game over with a nuke is not easy. But it does encourage players to pursue goals more than just getting kills.

However, Infinity Ward has tweaked a Modern Warfare feature that allows you to better filter map rotation in online multiplayer modes. Initially, the game merged -  in Team Kill and Domination  - the 6 vs 6 and 10 vs 10 maps.

This union ended up not pleasing part of the players, since in matches of 10 vs. 10 The scenarios are broader and more spacious, departing a little from the most striking features of the series. They also favor the use of snipers over direct clashes.


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