Not quite long ago, SONY finally announced that it will release the next generation of consoles by the end of 2020, and it will be named PlayStation 5.

I believe by now, many game lovers have already started saving money for the upcoming PlayStation console after seeing this news.

While many game lovers have spent a lot of money buying consoles from generation to generation, the touch of PS5 may seem to be a new turn around as recent report claims.

According to recent leak, the PS5 game console can run game discs of all generations, which means that the PS5 can support PS1 , PS2 , PS3 and PS4 game discs, and thus, pointed out that the PS5 is a future-oriented and past-oriented game console.

If the news is true, this is great news for many players. Previously, Xbox One was widely acclaimed for backward compatibility. I believe SONY should enhance the advantage of SONY through this PS5.

It is reported that PS5 uses AMD Zen2 architecture 8-core processor, Navi core GPU, ultra-high-speed SSD, handle new shock and a lot more.
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