Epic Games has sue a tester who allegedly leaked the Chapter 2 content of Fortnite as they were not at all pleased to hear that the information has fell on the web ahead of time.

The company claims that Ronald Sykes would be responsible for releasing the news that would come in the game. He is one of the people who has early access to the title content for feature testing. The role however, demands complete confidentiality.

As reported in the case, Sykes tested Fortnite: Chapter 2 in California on September 21, 2019. The accused allegedly signed an absolute confidentiality agreement and three days later, he tweeted to another user who "had played season 11 and could talk more."

With another account, he would have used Twitter again. Calling himself "Fortnite #1 Leaker," Sykes revealed secrets, the ability to swim, and even published an image of the new map.

Epic Games claims compensation, claiming maximum damages caused by Sykes. The company claims that breach of the confidentiality agreement and misuse of information have harmed not only the studio but also the Fortnite community.

As a direct result of Sykes' breach of contract, Epic has continued and will continue to suffer damage as yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, Fortnite is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One


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