Guo Minghao broke the news: Apple iPhone SE2 uses LCP antenna to improve signal transmission efficiency

Guo Minghao, Tianfeng International analyst released a new research report, the report however claimed that iPhone SE2 will use LCP antenna and the demand for LCP will increase significantly in 2020.

Guo Minghao reported that the iPhone SE 2 will be designed with LCP antennas in favor of transmission efficiency. LCP antenna suppliers include Murata (50% of supply) and Jialianyi (50% of supply), which are expected to begin shipping in early 1Q20.

It is believed that Apple will adopt more LCP antennas in 2020 to improve iPhone transmission performance, so the shipment of LCP antennas is expected to increase significantly.

Due to the fact that Murata has the advantages of LCP materials, design and production, Murata is the preferred partner for the development of LCP antennas for Apple's new models.

However, in the future, we believe that Apple will import more than one or two soft boards to reduce supply risks. The optimistic and pessimistic shipments of the iPhone SE 2 in 2020 are estimated at 30 million and 20 million units respectively, and the iPhone SE 2 LCP antenna order is expected to contribute to Murata and Jialianyi revenue and profit since 1Q20.

Previously, Guo Minghao reported that Apple will release the lower-priced iPhone SE 2 in Q1 in 2020. Most of the design and hardware specifications are similar to those of the iPhone 8. The most obvious specifications are upgraded to A13 processor and 3GB LPDDR4X memory.

Now Guo Minghao has released an analysis on the strategic positioning of the iPhone SE 2. However, he predicted that the Apple iPhone SE2 will start at $399.


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