Destiny 2: How to Get to Banshee's Secret Room for Leviathan's Breath Quest

While Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Stadia version is currently in development.

Meanwhile, the exotic quest for the Leviathan's Breath exotic heavy bow is live in Destiny 2, and players will start the quest by having to find a secret room in the Tower.

While some players were able to find this room weeks ago and glitch into the area, there is a legitimate way to get into the area now that the quest is live.

But before players start, they will need to visit Banshee in the Tower to pick up the quest for Leviathan's Breath. Banshee will say to go to his workshop in the Tower but the quest does not give any kind of waypoint or marker to show Destiny 2 players where to go, other than a hint to start in the Tower hangar.

Players will want to head into the hangar and go to the stairs where Xur appears in the Tower. Keep going up and over until players can see a catwalk above the entryway to the hangar and above some Future War Cult banners.

Either you jump over to it or go further down the catwalk players are currently on to walk along the white pipe that will take them over to that catwalk.

Once there, follow the path along into the tunnel. Head to the right and jump into the hidden room and then take a left through the open door and follow the hallway. Drop into the vent and then jump out the other side. Then go through the door ahead to the left.

Once in the next room with the robot, look up and to the left to find an open vent above some shelving. Use the shelving to jump up and through the vent. Follow the tunnel around until coming to a vertical shaft.

Use the platforms to jump up to Banshee's workshop where players will find the Leviathan's Breath bow hidden behind a locker. Activate the prompt to get the next quest step and return to Banshee via fast travel within the Tower.

However, you can watch the full part from here:

The next step on the Leviathan's Breath quest after that will task players with playing Gambit or Nightfalls, of which Adept Nightfall: The Ordeal seems to be an easy and efficient way to get the next step done.


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