Recently, Russian luxury brand customization company Caviar launched the "Legend" special customized version of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Legendary figures however, includes Steve Jobs, boxer Muhammad Ali and The Beatles version.

The first is a special customized version of Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, which has a simpler look and feel. The mobile phone is entirely made of a titanium-gray back panel, and the signature of Jobs is also signed under the back of the phone. This special edition of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will produce a total of 4 units, and the price ranges from $6,290 USD.

The second is a boxing version of the boxer Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier's legendary Manila. This version of the iPhone uses a black and gold color scheme. Additionally, this version of the back fuselage design, joined the highest honor of the boxing competition symbol "golden belt". This customized version of the output will be made only in three units, and thus priced at $11,990 USD.

The last one is a specially customized version to commemorate the British rock band, The Beatles. This version will only have one piece in the world. On the back of this version of the iPhone body, there is the word "Beatles", and the performance of the band concert is also displayed in the middle position. The version of the color also uses a black and gold design, the price is $ 9,650.



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