Not the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 2020, but the new iPhone SE 2 gives Android sleepless night

Immediately after the launch of iPhone 11, rumors of the next iPhone model immediately flooded the headlines. But that's definitely not the 2020 iPhone full of breakthrough changes that users are waiting for. On the contrary, it's an inherited version of iPhone 8. Hence, iPhone SE 2 will be the main character of the March event in 2020.

However, from a product design perspective, the iPhone SE 2 probably won't surprise. In accordance with the style of the old SE, the iPhone SE 2 will use the design of the iPhone 8 but equipped with A13 chip - the powerful chip present on the trio of iPhone 11. It is reported to have a price tag of $399 and considering the $450 price of the iPhone SE when it was launched in 2015, this figure could completely become a reality.

Certainly, iPhone SE 2 will create a tremendous pressure on the Android. Why not? Because the smartphone ranked fourth in the list of best-selling smartphones in the world in 2018, behind iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. In 2017, based on CounterPoint's data, Apple nearly dominated the recycling smartphone market.

These discrete data show one thing in common: "bargain" demand for iPhones has always existed. A large number of users are still willing to accept the old experience, as long as it is an "Apple experience".

While pushing consumers toward expensive prices, Apple is not without trying to exploit this demand. In 2015, the iPhone SE was launched with the same configuration as the iPhone 6s, but the design was recycled from iPhone 5s. Not many people associate the SE with the word "success", and Apple after the price cut finally killed the iPhone line in 2017.

However, the failure of iPhone SE does not mean that iPhone SE 2 will fail. In 2016, the 4-inch size became the blade that killed the iPhone SE model. Apple had no other way, because the standard sizes were still 4.7 and 5.5 inches. If used larger sizes, Apple will kill the top iPhone models at the same time.

The decision to re-use the design of the iPhone 8 allowed Apple to create a perfect SE 2 : the screen was large enough at an acceptable level, the price was cheap enough to attract more users and, above all, spread out enough experience ... obsolete before the iPhone 11.

And yes, the "perfect" here is the perfect Apple: 16: 9 screen size 4.7 inch which is obviously too old in the eyes of Apple fans, but still enough handy for millions of users to hook up their wallets.

After all YouTube videos and Netflix movies are still largely using the 16: 9 ratio instead of switching to 2: 1 in the footsteps of smartphone manufacturers. 16: 9 may be considered obsolete but still not as unacceptable as 4 inches before.

Once you've removed the critical weakness, it's hard to imagine how big the iPhone SE will create in the mid-range segment. Over the past year, the iPhone XR has been the best-selling smartphone in the world - with the exception of Apple, none of the high-end manufacturers have made the top 10 phone price in an affordable rate compared to the iPhone 11 $700 price which was hailed successfully right after launch, iPhone SE 2 will certainly be "hot". At the very least, the iPhone SE 2 will enjoy the appeal that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 currently hold in many developing markets.

A new shadow is gradually covering the Android army. For years, mentioning mid-range / high-end is referring to Android's territory. With iPhone SE 2, Apple will for the first time have a powerful weapon to advance into this segment. It's not clear who the winner will be, but which Android maker will be happy to face an "nothing but money" opponent?


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