Nintendo to open a new store in Tokyo Japan on the 22nd of November

Today, Nintendo officially announced that it will open its first official store in Tokyo, Japan “Nintendo TOKYO”. However, the store will begin trial operation on November 20th and 21st. In addition to shopping, the store can also experience Nintendo's games.

Hence, it is reported that the official store, Nintendo TOKYO, will officially open on November 22nd at the PARCO department store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The two days before the opening day (November 20th to November 21st) will be the trial operation day, but you can enter without queuing. You need to have a Nintendo account to apply for admission on the website, 250 lucky players will be drawn first.

In the space of this exclusive game fan, players can buy consoles, games, character goods, etc., and can also experience the game, in the future there is an opportunity to hold a variety of exclusive activities.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is simultaneously publishing a picture of a well-known role, and the store will also sell this series of goods exclusively. To find out more details about this, please visit Nintendo's official website


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