More and more rumors concerning Overwatch 2 has emerge on the internet. The popular Overwatch leaker, Metro, who is an insider and known for the inside information that has already released data on the possible new Blizzard, has shared some unpublished details.

According to a post on TwitLonger , the supposed OW2 will feature a Fortnite: Chapter 2-like update system, featuring frequent content and engaging the community.

The insider goes even further and said that "The Overwatch we know will be discarding," referring to the structure of the new title and refuting the idea of ​​the game being an expansion or upgrade of the first game.

Meanwhile, we don't know what's on the mind of Blizzard but we do hope that during the opening of BlizzCon 2019, which will hold on November 1, Blizzard may make the official announcement.


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