While it has already been reported that Pokemon Sword and Shield will arrive to Nintendo Switch on November 15, As you may know by now, Pokemon Sword and Shield take place in a new region called Galar, which is clearly inspired by the United Kingdom.

There's a Big Ben-like clock tower, charming countryside and cottages, trains and old-looking brick buildings in the cities, and soccer/football-inspired stadiums for battling Pokemon. According to GameSpot who recently played a 90-minute demo of Sword and Shield, it can confirm that on top of all the other similarities, the characters have British accents.

Since dialogue in Sword and Shield is text-only, it is written in British Slang, however. And this, it is very clearly British. Your mom, a mainstay of every Pokemon game ever? She's called Mum. Your rival describes someone as being "pants with directions." Another character refers to a Pokemon as a "little chap." The list goes on. And, at least from an American perspective, it's pretty on-point.

The demo however, showcased the first few areas of Sword and Shield, which includes the Wild Area. As we've seen in trailers so far, the countryside is as idyllic as a British postcard, with wild Wooloo--a lovely little sheep-like Pokemon--roaming around causing all sorts of chaos.

Compared to previous Pokemon games, the vistas are especially lovely, and the recent 3D art style of the series makes the transition to Switch beautifully.

Furthermore, the Pokemon-catching tutorial is skippable for the first time in almost 20 years. On top of that, choosing your starter is more emotional than usual.


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