[Rumors] The iPhone 2020 generation will have a smaller "notch" and a wider antena strip, fully wireless charging

According to some sources, Apple is currently in the process of testing different Face ID prototypes with smaller dimensions. This will help the company to shrink the size of the "notch" on the iPhone 2020.

A few months ago, Ben Geskin said that Apple will launch at least one 6.7-inch iPhone and no "notch" later in the year. Instead, the speaker, front camera, Face ID sensor and other sensors will be scaled down and placed in the upper bezel (similar to the image above).

Geskin also confirmed that Apple is considering many different versions of Face ID, with many models using new optical technology. Some versions will be smaller in width, others smaller in size so they can be placed above the bezel.

Additionally, Apple will also use the antenna on the 2020 iPhone models to better suit 5G technology with faster connection speeds. The antenna lines will be finished from glass, ceramic or sapphire and are larger than 1mm.

Finally, Geskin adds that Apple may remove the Lightning port on the 2020 iPhone model and switch to using wireless charging solutions entirely. As you can see, "Apple Defect" has no plans to equip USB-C port for its devices.


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