WB Montreal still makes mystery about Batman's new game. The last teaser released is almost a month old and has no concrete information.

Meanwhile, rumors about the title are popping up all the time on the Internet.

The latest was shared by Twitter user Sabi , who revealed the name of the game and the presence of several playable Bat-Family characters.

In two publications, the user has hinted that the name of the game will be “Arkham Legacy”. As its name implies, the game would feature the bat legacy in Arkham.

Apparently, players will be able to enter the skin of Bat-Family members. It is not clear who these characters will be, but there are several names that fit the idea of ​​the gameplay: Robin, Catwoman, Nightwing and so many others.

The information gained so much ground and have a lot of users who believe that the is authentic because the user is the same who hit several ads at E3.

Either way, it's important to treat the details only as rumors. For now, WB Montreal has not shared official news about the game, but announcements should arrive soon.


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