Back in March, when Samsung launched the Galaxy S10, they described the S10's fingerprint sensor as "a revolution". The S10 has an under-screen fingerprint sensor that uses ultrasound to detect a user's fingerprints and compare it with stored data, but it turns out that the revolutionary for the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is cocooned with accessories and easily gets overtaken if using improper screen patches.

A British couple recently discovered the flaw after a woman pasted her Galaxy S10 with a screen protector she found on eBay for £ 2.70. After registering her fingerprints with the device, she discovered that her other fingerprints - though not yet registered - also unlocks the device.

The husband however, tried to unlock it and the device opened for both of his thumbs. This screen protector also causes the same problem when fitted to another S10. For its part, Samsung believes that users should only use Samsung-approved screen protectors.

However, the company later said it was tracking the phenomenon and will soon release a software update to fix the problem.

Previously, screen protectors were not specifically designed for ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, and when used on the S10, it will cause problems with the fingerprint sensor because they leave a gap, small air, obstructing ultrasonic waves.

It can be seen that Samsung is working quickly to fix this, but also shows that ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology still has many weaknesses.

In the meantime, if you have the Galaxy S10, think of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor as the phone charging system, you need to be careful when choosing a charger for your device, do similar to Samsung advice and use only Samsung-approved screen protectors, from Samsung or reputable brands.


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