Feel the power of iPhone 11 Pro's mighty camera as Selena Gomez continues to release new music video with the device

Yesterday, singer Selena Gomez returned with her new single, Lose You To Love Me, and came with an music video that was shot entirely with iPhone.

Currently, this music video has reached more than 18 million views on YouTube with many compliments from the audience and critics.

Not stopping there, today Selena Gomez has continued to post yet another music product called Look At Her Now. It is known that the music video illustrating this song was also shot entirely with the iPhone 11 Pro.

Although it was only shot with a smartphone, the image quality in Selena Gomez's new music video is still very good, especially in low-light scenes.

Different from "Lose You To Love Me", the music video illustrating the song "Look At Her Now" was filmed with a number of different motions, lighting and motion scenes. Brings the appeal for the audience to enjoy.

It is known that, apart from the iPhone 11 Pro, Selena Gomez's ekip still needs support from professional software and hardware during filming.

Watch Selena Gomez "Look At Her Now" Music Video Below:


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