The plot of the new Infinity Ward game is being criticized "for rewriting the real story" and blaming controversial attacks on Russia. Originally, the actions were executed by the United States.

In one of the game's missions, players take on the role of Alex, an undercover CIA agent in the pro-US militia, who uses the sniper to fire into a valley full of burning vehicles.

The name of the mission and the valley is "The Highway of Death," which the game explains was given that title after the Russians bombed the site after an invasion, killing anyone who tried to escape.

A "Highway of Death" existed in real life, but the attackers were the US troops. The fact occurred at the end of the Gulf War, when US forces expelled Iraqis from Kuwait, forcing Saddam Hussein to declare withdrawal.

The fugitives tried to escape along Highway 80, however, a US coalition bombed the convoy and it is estimated that up to 600 people died.

Faced with this change of historical facts in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, many people have criticized the title for "rewriting the facts to make Americans good guys and cover up a war crime."

A user on Reddit argues that it takes accurate information in a game that is based on real events.


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