Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha 2 rendering exposure: codename "Papyrus", the screen can be expanded up to 8 inches

Not too long ago, Xiaomi launched the Mi Mix Alpha 5G that is completely surrounded by the mobile phone's screen. This mobile phone is however, equipped with 108 megapixel camera. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has launched the device but it's not yet officially released for the masses to get their hands on it.

And now, some leaks about the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 has already started teasing online. A designer by name Behance, recently released a related rendering of the Mi Mix Alpha on the website.

It can be seen from the figure that the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 2 adopts a rolling and telescopic OLED screen design, and has a scroll-like design on both sides of the mobile phone. Hence, the screen can reach 7 to 8 inches when unfolded.

According to Behance, the device is named Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha P, and the "P" stands for "Papyrus". The difference between this phone and the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is that the phone uses an unfolding and telescopic folding method to make the screen larger than usual.

The above news still remains a mere rumor as Xiaomi officials has not confirm it. But of course, we can look forward to it as this is just a concept, maybe the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha second-generation mobile phone will use this design.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 Photo Gallery



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