After difficult times, Huawei's situation is gradually changing very well. Many U.S. companies have been approved by the government to continue working with Huawei, and Microsoft happens to be the first name revealed.

Huawei's embargo by the government of President Donald Trump has made smartphone production and business difficult. However, besides smartphones, brands from China also face difficulties in the array of laptops and hybrid devices.

Because of the embargo, Huawei Matebook devices were not allowed to pre-load the Windows operating system and Micrsoft software suites.

Fortunately, on November 20, the US Department of Commerce approved Microsoft, allowing the corporation to provide copyrights to Huawei.

However, details of the licensed software were not disclosed by Microsoft. Hence, this is good news and Huawei Mate users will likely use Windows operating system soon.

Before Microsoft was licensed, Matebook models sold in China had to use Linux. Apart from Microsoft, Intel is also in the process of waiting for the US government's license to cooperate with Huawei.


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