The next generation of Apple Watch may own a fingerprint sensor built into the screen

For many users, the Apple Watch is currently a very good smartwatch to obtain, but it seems that Apple still wants this device to be even better.

Specifically, according to a patent found this week, Apple has filed a copyright for a device that owns "sensor, force sensor, temperature sensor or fingerprint sensor" placed below the screen. Figure.

At the moment, with Apple Watch, users can pay with Apple Pay, unlock Macs, and so on... so having a fingerprint sensor will increase the level of security of the device.

In addition, the image of the patent shows that the position of the tuned antenna has been moved down the strap. This will allow Apple to have more space inside, possibly used for a larger battery.

However, according to TechRadar, integrating Antenna Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth antennas into the strap will cause wear problems when the strap is always bent and stretched when the user uses the device.


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