According to information from South Korean analysts, Apple will use OLED panels made by China for the first time on new iPhones in 2020.

Analysts have confirmed that Apple has finalized a deal with BOE and will start using the Chinese company's OLED panel next year, with BOE expected to surpass LG in terms of OLED screens. provided to Apple.

Meanwhile, Samsung will still be the main partner in supplying OLED screens for Apple.

BOE's OLED screen is expected to bring strong competition with Samsung in the next 2 years. According to South Korean analysts, BOE will ship 45 million OLED panels for iPhones by 2021.

Since 2017, it has been reported that BOE wants to cooperate in supplying OLED screens for iPhones. BOE is not a new Apple partner, the company is currently supplying LCD screens for iPads and MacBooks.


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