Android 11 operating system will allow users to record videos above 4GB

It is interesting to note that Android users cannot record videos above 4GB without rooting or using the camera mod app. However, this is expected to be changed through the upcoming Android 11 operating system.

For many people, 4GB of video recording is not a huge amount, especially since the current film standards on smartphone devices have been raised to 4K with 60fps. It is possible that in the future, the video recording limit on mobile devices may be raised to 8K.

So in the future, for every minute of video recording, users will need more space, and the limited 4GB number sometimes will not be enough.

At the present time, when the video has passed 4GB, the Android camera application will automatically "cut" the video into several different files. However, many users still find this annoying.

It is known that the 4GB limit was first introduced in 2014, when hardware on mobile devices was limited. However, until now, when the internal memory of the smartphone has reached 256GB or even 512GB, this is considered one of the factors that "get in the way" of the user.

Google seems to have realized this, in a description of a new commitment in gerrit the Android Open Source Project, the search giant said, will allow Android devices to shoot 4GB-sized movies in The next Android version. This means that the upper limit will be removed in Android 11.


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