Apple fears two former employees stealing company secrets will flee to China

Apple is pursuing a lawsuit against two former employees stealing trade secrets related to Project Titan and worrying the former employees might escape to China if they have the chance.

Xiaolang Zhang and Jizhong Chen, both of Chinese descent, have been charged with stealing trade secrets related to the secret Apple Titan car project. Chen has been charged since January of this year, while Zhang was charged in July 2018. Both were released on bail until the final trial.

At the US District Court for Northern California today, US Attorney Marissa Harris argued that if two men could successfully flee to China, it would be "difficult" to say. Hence, the federal government cannot guarantee their extradition for the trial.

In a statement, Apple said it was concerned that both Zhang and Chen would try to flee to China unless they were closely monitored. Both men were arrested on their way to the airport to China.

Lawyers for Zhang and Chen, meanwhile, argued that both men had "family reasons" to return to China and showed no signs of violating pre-trial conditions.


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