Apple Officially Locked Down iOS 13.2.3, Forcing Users To Upgrade To iOS 13.3

In the early hours of this morning, Apple officially locked iOS 13.2.3 version, forcing users to update to iOS 13.3. If there is a need to upgrade the device's software, while minimizing the influence of the Bybass tool. iCloud is very hot in recent times.

While this has been a common practice over the years, with many security-related issues like jailbreak tool and bypass iCloud, iOS 13 itself has too many bugs that seriously affect the experience of the users when using iPhone / iPad. Forcing Apple to constantly add patches and make support for older versions of iOS shorter than before.

Meanwhile, iOS 13.3 happens to be the supported version currently available (i.e. if you want to upgrade your device's software). As well as the addition of patches and increased parental control for use time, this version also provides some notable improvements which includes the following:

Used Time:

  • New parental controls provide additional contact limits for people their children can call, FaceTime or text
  • Contacts for kids allows parents to manage contacts that appear on their child's device


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Other bug fixes and improvements in this update

  • Allow creating new video clips when trimming videos in Photos
  • Added support for NFC, USB security keys and is compatible with Lightning FIDO2 in Safari
  • Addresses issues that may prevent new mail from being downloaded in Mail
  • Addresses an issue that prevented deleting messages in Gmail accounts
  • Addresses issues that may cause incorrect characters to show in messages and sent messages are duplicated in Exchange accounts
  • Addresses an issue where the cursor may not move after holding down the space bar
  • Addresses an issue that may cause screen images to be blurred when sent via Message
  • Resolves an issue where cropping or using Highlight on the screen image may not save to Photos
  • Addresses an issue where recordings in Voice Recorder may not be shared with other audio applications
  • Resolve an issue where the missed call icon on the Phone app may not be clear
  • Resolves an issue where Mobile data settings may not display the off state correctly
  • Addresses an issue that prevented turning on Dark Mode when Smart Inversion is turned on
  • Addressed an issue where some wireless chargers may charge slower than expected.

To update to the official version of iOS 13.3, you can perform the upgrade directly through OTA. Simply open Settings => General => Software Update and check for update notifications.

 In case you are using the beta version of iOS, you need to remove the configuration configuration test, then downgrade your device to the latest official iOS version, or you can also use the firmware to upgrade using iTunes / 3uTools


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