Recently, the US Patent and Trademark Office once again granted Apple a new patent. Its content shows that future versions of Apple Pencil may have a comfort adjustment function, that is, the shape of the Apple Pencil may be changed according to the condition of the user's hand to adapt to the posture of the user with the pen, and the comfort is improved.

Apple Pencil has been well-received since its launch. Even though this pressure-sensitive stylus already has all the advantages of a digital drawing tool, Apple still thinks it can do better. For example, making adjustments for comfort.

Generally speaking, a fixed pen shape does not necessarily fit the palm size or pen-holding habits of all users, so users who use it for a long time will inevitably cause discomfort.

In addition to that, it is reported that the patent proposed for "Apple Pencil" is named "adjustable handheld stylus", which proposes a way to change the holding area of ​​Apple Pencil.

It is understood that this method can change the thickness and shape of the holding area. Apple also specifically pointed out that this change will appear on the product in the form of a built-in system.


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