Yesterday, Idea Factory International released a gallery of new screenshots of Compile Heart’s JRPG Arc of Alchemist.

One of the game’s most interesting aspects is that it features base building and upgrading, which is sort of rare in JRPGs. This time around, we get to see and learn all about that.

Well, we have embedded some of the screenshots below, followed by a bath of official information.

“Build a Foundation: Use the Base to prepare for the long journey ahead of you. Set party formations, train, construct buildings, and heal.

Expand and Conquer: Select from a wide range of facilities to help strengthen your party members. For example, create a Maintenance of Weapons Facility to unlock powerful weapons for battle!

Set Your Squad’s Formation: Strategize on how you want to lead your party by changing their tactics. By default, your squad is set to “Free Will” where they will fight and/or defend as needed. However, you can customize their AI commands to attack the same target you’re hitting or even have them play more passively. Players can also equip specific item sets that specialize in things like farming for materials or battling tough enemies.

Buy, Sell, Swap: Players will need to buy new items as they progress through the Desert of Beginnings and failing to do so will have major consequences. As you explore, players will also amass a plethora of items that can be sold for currency. Grab all the items you can, as you will need to upgrade a variety of things with money, including the expansion of your base, attaining stronger weapons, and boosting specific stats for each character.

Train and Win: Training is a vital feature where all the playable characters can learn new skills and upgrade them. Learning and upgrading skills will also cost in-game currency, so check your balance before spending!”

Arc of Alchemist is reported to release in North America on January 30 next year and in Europe on January 31 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


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