The iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods were voted the best devices of the decade by Times magazine

After 2019, we will close a decade from 2010 with many breakthrough technologies being born. And recently, the prestigious TIME magazine voted some of the best devices over the past period.

At the top of the list is the iPad from Apple. According to the sharing of Patrick Austin, a TIME editor from TIME magazine, "Before 2010 (the time when the iPad was born), the idea of ​​a tablet was only in fiction movies. Unusual manufacturers are hybrid laptops that are difficult to use and come with bad software."

Ranked at number 7 is the Apple Watch, this device was launched in 2014 and since then, there have been a lot of different versions upgraded. Up to the present time, this is the product line that dominates the smartwatch market with an overwhelming market share. In addition, this is also considered a "fashion accessory" indispensable every time the road.

Meanwhile, the AirPods headset ranked 8th. Launched in 2016, the accessory immediately became Apple's best-selling product, despite criticism regarding its aesthetics. However, below is a list of 10 devices that Time voted as the best in the past decade:
  1. iPad (2010)
  2. Tesla Model S (2012)
  3. Raspberry Pi (2012)
  4. Google Chromecast (2013)
  5. DJI Phantom (2013)
  6. Amazon Echo (2014)
  7. Apple Watch (2015)
  8. Apple AirPods (2016)
  9. Nintendo Switch (2017)
  10. Xbox Adaptive Controller (2018)

It can be seen that Apple's influence is extremely large when in the top 10, there are up to 3 devices of the company. After being launched, iPads, Apple Watch and AirPods changed the technology market when creating trends for many other manufacturers and the mobile industry.


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