Download Microsoft Maths Solver for Android and iOS 2019 || Best Mathematics Solver App for Android and iOS || Microsoft Math Solver - an application that helps you solve mathematical equations

Although Microsoft cannot compete with Android and iOS in the operating system segment, the applications that Microsoft brings to the two operating systems are extremely quality.

In addition to the Microsoft Office suite, SMS Organizer, Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft has a software utility that is known as Microsoft Math Solver.

This software has the same function as Wolfram Alpha which is solving math problems. The software is integrated with modern artificial intelligence (AI) to help users solve complex mathematical equations.

The interface of Microsoft Math Solver is also extremely easy to use, users can enter the whole problem through three methods: input expressions via the computer interface in the app, take pictures or write them by hand.

This app from Microsoft however, do not only provide answers, but can help users understand how to solve details through the step-by-step section, represented by graphs, similar problems and even software. More detailed lecture videos.

Because of the integration of modern Microsoft artificial intelligence technology, the ability to solve Microsoft Math Solver's problems is very wide. Applications can range from simple arithmetic expressions to complex, advanced mathematical expressions such as integral.

Additionally, this application also records the history of searches, bookmarks to help users can review knowledge conveniently. With such practical use, this will be a very effective support tool for students when doing homework or even help teachers find a way to understand what they teach.



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