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The history of God Of War "GOW" began wish its popularity, hence it is a well known slash action-adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

God Of War "GOW"  game was first seen in the year 2005, and thus, it was mainly for PlayStation 2 (PS2) and was later debuted for PSP. As each day passes by when Android OS was introduced to us, developers find it very simple to debut PSP features in Android phone using an emulator "PPSSPP".

Hence, this act of the developers made playing PSP "PPSSPP" game common for everyone to play PSP games right on their smartphone without wasting money to purchase another gadget.

However, you shouldn't expect the behavior of the PSP itself and the one imported on Android smartphone to be the same, surely, their should be some lagging while playing PSP games on your Android device.

Most times in small-end smartphones, the major issue starts with hanging but of course you know that there's never a time you'll notice hanging without cracking thereby leading it to another problem which now affects the sound/music of the game.

Please note; this PSP "PPSSPP" settings is not just for God Of War but for other high graphics PSP "PPSSPP" games like GTA which can perfectly work on other PSP "PPSSPP" games. With that being said, let's not get to the reason why we're putting up this article.

Nevertheless, we will be sharing with you the best PSP "PPSSPP" settings for God Of War "GOW", Grand Theft Auto "GTA" Liberty City Story, Vice City Story and other high graphics PSP "PPSSPP" games.

★ Prerequisite:

  • Before you proceed,  download PPSSPP emulator (Gold) version 1.0.1.
  • Clear all your previous settings "if any"

Best Android PSP "PPSSPP" Settings For GOW And GTA 2020:

Note: Do not temper with any settings that is not present in this article, hence it may result to malfunctioning...

★ Under Graphics:

Rendering Mode:
  • Mode: Nonbuffered rendering (speedhack).
  • Stimulate block transfer (unfinished): Turn it ON ☑
   Framerate Control:
  • Frame skipping: Turn it OFF but if slow then toggle it ON
  • Auto Frameskip: Turn it OFF but if slow put it to 2 or more (the higher you go, the faster it becomes).
  • Prevent FPS from Exceeding 60: Toggle it ON 
  • Alternative speed: 200. 
  • Post Processingshader: Turn it OFF 
  • Stretch to display: Turn it ON 
  • Small display: Turn it OFF 
  • Immersive mode: Turn it OFF

  • Rendering resolution: 2x PSP
  • Display resolution: Native device resolution
  • Mipmapping: Turn it ON
  • Hardware transform: Turn it ON
  • Software skinning: Turn it ON
  • Vertex cache: Turn it ON
  • Lazy texture caching: Turn it ON
  • Retain changed textures: Turn it ON
  • Display slower effect: Turn it ON
  • Spline/Bezier curves quality: Turn it ON

Hack Settings:
  • Timer hack: Turn it OFF
  • Disable alpha test: Turn it OFF
  • Disable stencil test: Turn it OFF
  • Force depth write: Turn it OFF
  • Texture coordinate speedhack: Turn it OFF
  • Depth range hack: Turn it OFF
  • Lower resolution for effect: Turn it OFF

★ Under Audio:

  • Enable sound: Turn it ON
  • Audio latency: Toggle it ON
  • Audio sync: Toggle it ON
  • Sound speedhack: Toggle it ON

★ Under System:

  • Fast memory: Turn it ON
  • Multithread: Turn it ON
  • I/O on thread: Turn it ON
  • I/O timing method: Fast
  • Force real clock sync: Turn it OFF
  • Change emulated PSP's CPU Clock: 50
  • Respect FPU rounding: Turn it ON

  • Enable cheat: Toggle it OFF
  PSP settings:
  • PSP model: PSP-1000
  • Daylight saving: Turn it OFF
  • Date format: "Choose your preferred format"
  • Time format: "Choose your preferred format"

Best PSP Settings For Android 2020:

The above settings has been tested by our team and trust me, it worked perfectly. So that's why we decided to put it up as an article, the settings was done with God Of War "GOW" Chain Of Olympus and later on tried it on Grand Theft Auto "GTA" and it worked pretty well without lagging.

But if you try this settings on your Android phone and it didn't work out for you, please we recommend that you comment your GPU to know how we can assist you and if it works perfectly for you, your comment is also required so as to strengthen us in putting up more articles for you "the readers".


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