The Saber Interactive announced the arrival of Horde Mode Z World War s content will be offered for free today (17). Through the PlayStation Blog, the company recalled the details of the title development process and how it sought to bring a fun game.

To fight the hordes of zombies, players will have extremely powerful tools: heavy weapons, explosives and even the environment itself, such as exploding cars.

Many of these defenses will be accentuated in the new Horde Mode as there is a preparation phase between one wave and another. Players will be able to use bombs, electric fences, barbed wire, giant swords and more.

Saber Interactive pointed out that the six classes created for the traditional multiplayer mode will be back in Horde Mode Z.

However, the developer stressed that the roles of each of the survivors will become more evident and important. Coordination between the team will be a key to victory.

Having a unique universe like World War Z definitely helped set us apart from other zombie shooters, but we believe that the dedication to creating interesting stories with a diverse cast of characters has propelled us to new heights.

The technology used to create the giant hordes of World War Z has given us visual prominence, and we can't wait to show how well it fits our Horde Mode Z today


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