How to find the name of playing music in 2020 || how to find the name of playing movie in 2020 || how to detect playing music and video in 2020

Earlier, detecting the name of a playing music and that of the artist seems to be difficult until Shazam came to work, making it easier for users to find the name of the artist and the music name they are listening to.

Google has now implemented this feature on Google Assistant. This feature does not only detect music and also videos, making it possible for users to access song they want without installing a third-party app, Shazam.

Shazam however, has some enticing features such as displaying the lyrics of the playing music, showing the YouTube video of the music and a lot more which Google has not implemented yet, so it's advisable for you to also have Shazam installed on your phone.

Finding playing music these has been made easier, whether it's with Shazam or Google Assistant but in this article, we'll assist you on how to find playing music using Google Assistant. It doesn't require much however, it's just a few clicks on your mobile phone.

  • First and foremost download and install Google Assistant on your mobile phone, and if you already have it on your phone, open it
  • Turn on the music you're searching for and Google Assistant will automatically ask you “What's this Song?”
  • Click on it and wait for some seconds for the results as it is already listening to it.

That's it! By so doing, you have detected to name of the music and the artists. You can however, continue to scroll down so as to find your preferred site to download it on your phone.


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