How to fix app not installed on Android 8 Oreo, Android 9 Pie and Android 10 in 2020 / 2021 || Steps on how to fix app not installed on Android 8 Oreo

App Not Installed, Why?:

Am Unable To Install App On My Android Phone
Often times when we download app from a third-party site and while installing it you'll get this error message "Parse" this simply means that the app cannot install on your device no matter how hard you try.

Hence, it depends on your phone's operating system - maybe the app is for Nougat users and you want to install it on KitKat, ain't you aware that it won't install because it's not splitted or pieced for your device to be able to install it. However, this is a different problem which I don't think has a solution.

It really pisses me off when trying to install an app on my phone only to see “app not installed,” this error message doesn't mean that your device cannot install the app rather needs some few changes which can enable the app to install, but the question still remains - how can you detect and fix the problem?

Well, back in 2017, Google introduced a new feature known as PLAY PROTECT. This feature (Play Protect) plays a good role on Android phone, it scans each and every app installed on your phone to prevent malware's from penetrating in your device, it's really a good feature but I must say that it's mostly recommended for ladies who don't know how to keep their device secure.

But don't you think that what has merit also comes along with its demerit? sure, every good thing here on planet Earth also has it flaws. However, this same “Play Protect” also hinders you from installing some apps downloaded from third-party sites because it believes that it is contaminated.

Nevertheless, this shouldn't be a problem to you, in this write-up we'll be sharing with you how to fix app not installed on your Android phone:

How To Fix "App Not Installed" Error On Android 8 Oreo, Android 9 Pie And Android 10 In 2020 / 2021:

Note: In this article, I've tried installing Mobile Uncle Tool which can be used to view the property of a device, hence it is considered and detected to be harmful to my phone by play protect and that's why it was unable to install.

★ To begin with, you need to connect to the internet in other to enable you to open Google play store on your device.

★ Tap on the three horizontal buttons at the top left corner on your screen to enable you view other options.

★ Tap on Play Protect and you'll be able to see all the scanned apps and also the harmful apps you should uninstall (example ROOTING APP).

★ Head down to Scan Devices Security then tap to toggle it off, a pop-up will appear - read it and tap okay to proceed. once you do that, it'll also turn off the one below it.

★ Now, go back to the app that says app not installed and try installing it again to see the magic, if it refuses again then connect to the internet (WiFi or data connect) then try again.

Note: By following this procedure, it means that you're deactivating the Google play protect from scanning your device thereby allowing malware to penetrate. However, this feature can also be enabled after you have finish installing the app that said app not installed, simply follow the above steps to enable it back.

Steps To Fix "App Not Installed" Error On Android 8 Oreo, Android 9 Pie & Android 10 In 2020 / 2021:

If you have followed the above steps carefully and it didn't work, try visiting another site to download the same app and see if it remains the same.


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