Instructions to prevent Windows 10 from automatically updating with just 1 click || How to disable auto system update on Windows 10 in 2020 || Here's how to stop Windows 10 from automatic update in 2020 || How to disable automatic update on Windows 10 in 2020 || How to stop automatic system update in Windows 10

Although Windows updates often help the system work more stable and enhance security, but sometimes it also makes users "crazy" because it updates without the users consent.

However, the user may prefer the current version he/she is using as the new update may be buggy and secondly, sometimes it interrupts the currently saved data in the computer.

If you're having problem with the auto system update on Windows 10, AndroBliz is here to guide you on how to solve the problem with just 1 click. This tips also works on to Windows 10 Pro, Home, Enterprise.

How To Stop Automatic System Update On Windows 10:

Well, there's a free application called Windows Update Blocker , this app will help you do that.
  • First download the Windows Update Blocker by clicking on this link, after download, install and launch the application.
  • Select Disable Updates, then click Apply Now. The application will write a registry key to your computer to prevent the Windows 10 update.
  • You can click Enable Updates to restore back the default state of the system whenever you feel like.


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