Huawei Yunshengteng AI computing solution has been released officially

At the LiveVideoStack audio and video technology conference, Huawei Cloud released a solution in the field of visual computing-Shengteng AI computing solution.

According to reports, the Shengteng AI computing solution is based on Shengteng's full-stack self-research capabilities, builds an open development and service framework, provides rapid integration, shares standardized components, and achieves efficient tuning. Industries such as pan-financial certification and smart healthcare provide full stack empowerment.
Full coverage of AI visual computing scenes

Computing power:
  • Equipped with Shengteng 310 chip, real-time inference performance is improved by 2x times (Inception-V4: BS = 1)
  • Cloud Instance Comprehensive Scenario Improves Cost Performance by 2x

Cloud-edge-end integration AI architecture, integration AI architecture
  • Distributed AI cluster: AI container computing cluster, performance increased by 30%
  • Edge Cloud Collaboration AI
  • Edge Collaborative AI

Full stack self-developed, support the whole process open
  • Ascend Serving-Standardization of Shengteng service components, supporting interfacing with OBS, SFS-Turbo, supporting containerized deployment, and edge deployment.
  • Ascend Graph-Ascent components, business process communities and markets, allowing developers to quickly build applications based on Ascent's computing power and accelerate business model deployment.
  • MindSpore —Support unified, independent and collaborative training and inference framework for end, edge, and cloud, and optimize inference performance through optimization of compilation parameters.


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