Caviar is famous for revamping its smartphones into gem and diamond versions, and has recently launched a special iPhone 11 Pro version called Caviar Solarius Zenith iPhone 11 Pro with 24-carat gold coating and 137 diamonds. Hence, this is the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro in the world.

Meanwhile, this version of iPhone 11 Pro is priced in the range of 100,000 USD to 120,000 USD. The special thing about this iPhone 11 Pro is that the back has a tourbillon watchmade of gold and diamonds in continuous operation as well as a large number of diamonds spread along the back cover.

In addition to that, Caviar also bundled the world's most expensive iPhone 11 Pro with an AirPods Pro headset and fast charger with an equally "luxurious" scene style included in the box.

The name Solarius makes it clear that Caviar designers have found their inspiration in celestial space. Concentric circles of gold, diamonds and a continuous tourbillon watch are integrated into the back symbolizing the eternal life that the Sun brings to our planet Earth.

Caviar also boasted that the various minerals that make up the Solarius Zenith Full Gold iPhone 11 Pro have been mined from meteorites that fell to Earth. In fact, different pieces of Mars and the Moon have been extracted from meteorites and used to perfect the shell of this iPhone 11 Pro.

A famous YouTuber in the field of technology Marques Brownlee also had the opportunity to have the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro in the world, watch the video below:



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