What exactly does the iPhone 12 look like? Except for Apple itself, others may not know. As a result, we have seen various speculative pictures and some exposures already.

Today, we are bringing to you a set of concept drawings about the iPhone 12. Note that it is a concept design drawing, which is not a rendering that comes from catching the wind.

The first impression of this phone is "fat", and a closer look reveals the reason. It turns out that the upper and lower bezels of the phone are almost gone, so it looks less slender.

The phone's screen appears to be curved, with a long and narrow handset located above the screen. However, this ultra-narrow bezel design is currently difficult to achieve mass production.

Talking about the rear view of this device, the back of the phone is very special. It can be said that it is not Apple's style at all. Except for the logo located at the center, the four cameras and flash are placed on top of each other.

According to the current information we have, the design of the real iPhone 12 series should not change much. Even the screen bangs and camera arrangement that are often ridiculed by users will not be improved.

However, the main focus of the 2020 iPhone series is the 5G. As a matter of fact, we believe that this should attract many users.


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