Based on the recent report from a securities agency Rosenblatt obtained by foreign media, the latter believes that Apple is currently developing up to six different "iPhone 12".

As predicted by other agencies, Rosenblatt believes that Apple will release the iPhone SE 2 in early 2020, which we are made to believe that'll be the iPhone 9 we never got, followed by the iPhone 12 model in the fall.

The company however, said that the iPhone SE 2 expected to be released in March and thus, will feature a 5.1-inch LCD screen, a single rear camera, an A13 processor, and support for Touch ID instead of Face ID.

Rosenblatt analysts believes that although this year's iPhone 11 has achieved relatively good sales due to its relatively low price and additional concessions, the iPhone SE 2's consumer appeal will "decline sharply." As for the "iPhone 12" series, analysts expect Apple will give users more choices in part because of the addition of 5G.

According to the analysts, they predict that the Apple iPhone 12 series will include the following:
  • iPhone 12 4G with 6.1-inch LCD screen and dual rear cameras.
  • iPhone 12 Pro 4G with 5.4-inch OLED screen and dual rear cameras
  • iPhone 12 Pro 5G with 5.4-inch OLED display and dual rear cameras
  • iPhone 12 Pro Plus 4G with 6.1-inch OLED display and triple rear camera with ToF
  • iPhone 12 Pro Plus 5G with 6.1-inch OLED display and triple rear camera with ToF
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G with 6.1-inch OLED display and triple rear camera with ToF.

Even though most of the phones outlined in this report point to September release, analysts expect that the "iPhone 12" Pro 5G may be released in the spring of 2021 to "target the mid-range 5G market."

Analysts believe that the next-generation iPhone 5G and 4G devices will include wireless charging, "because 5G consumes more power than 4G." The memory specifications may be consistent with the iPhone 11 series, and Apple may upgrade the DRAM of iPhone 5G models that cost more than $1200.

When it comes to iPhone 5G sales expectations, Rosenblatt is undoubtedly bearish. The agency estimates that iPhone shipments will reach 30 million units in 2020, with less than 20 million units sold.  Meanwhile, the company believes that Android 5G devices will begin to take Chinese market share from Apple.

For Apple, the cost of 5G devices is also an issue. Rosenblatt predicts that the average selling price of iPhone 5G devices is expected to be $200 higher than its 4G devices. The lack of a "mid-priced 5G smartphone" also makes Rosenblatt not expect Apple's iPhone sales in 2020.

Finally, Rosenblatt still rated Apple stock as "sell" and set its market price target at $150.


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