In today's era of full-screen domination of the mobile phone market, the original iPhone is still unmoved, sticking to its own bangs screen. But for how long can the bangs of the iPhone last?

According to the law of becoming bald and getting stronger, if the iPhone wants to continue to attract users, it may only be a matter of time before shaving off the bangs.

On December 24, some careful netizens noticed that the background image of the main page of the official Twitter post-sale of Apple revealed two full-screen phones without fringe.

Is this small detail suggesting that Apple's next iPhone will be a full-screen phone without bangs? Because it appears on Apple's homepage, it is impossible to be a mobile phone of another brand, but the current iPhones have bangs, so there is only one possibility left. This is the next iPhone.

Not only is this detail suggesting that the next iPhone will be bangless. Some foreign bloggers recently exposed a set of renderings of the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 Pro in the picture is also a full screen without bangs.

In addition to that, the blogger also stated that the iPhone 12 Pro and the previous generation have not changed much in appearance.

Apart from deleting the bangs, they also moved some hands and feet on the rear camera and added it to the lower right of the lens group. Hence, a small camera was formed to form a four-shot lens group.

Under the pressure of the Android camp, it is reasonable for Apple to continue to strengthen photography.


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