Microsoft is making a major adjustment to the Windows logo and many other application icons on the operating system.

Previously, the software giant had planned to overhaul the icons, and Office was the first thing Microsoft did. Microsoft is currently redesigning over 100 corporate logos with new color schemes, materials and finishes.

This is part of Microsoft's efforts to modernize software and tools, according to the Fluent Design philosophy. Microsoft's vice president of design and research, Jon Friedman said "With the latest wave of icon redesigns, we have faced two major creative challenges".

Jon further said "We need to signal innovation and change while maintaining customer familiarity. We have also developed an open, flexible design system to expand multiple contexts and remain true to Microsoft."

Most icons don't get changed too much, but subtle adjustments make them look more consistent when you look at dozens of apps at once. Microsoft wants to focus in part on its design efforts to "clean up" Windows logo issues. Windows 10 has many contradictory icons, appearing in both settings and applications. Meanwhile, Microsoft still uses a number of decades-old icons.

Windows 10 seems to be part of how to solve this problem. The software giant adjusted the Windows 10 logo a bit on Windows 10X when it launched earlier this year. Windows 10X is designed for devices with dual screens. It has a new Start menu system and no longer has Live Tiles.

The current Windows logo, used in both Windows 8 and Windows 10, uses a flat color, while the new logo looks like a blue strip with every quarter of the "window" being different. Microsoft is also adjusting other areas in Windows 10X, including how you can quickly access the settings panel or notification center.

Microsoft is still gradually finalizing the icons and Fluent Design, and this will continue throughout 2020. Microsoft's Edge browser has just been updated with a new icon and even Office has the current logo.  There is still a lot of work for Microsoft to do, even, they have to deal with designs on mobile.

However, Microsoft designers are now collaborating internally in a way described as "open source."


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