Samsung Galaxy S11 Real Machine Exposure, Matrix Camera Design / night shooting performance

Today, suspected  S11 real machine pictures were exposed online. According to the real photo of this exposure, you can see that this phone has at least a three-shot combination at the rear and is placed in a rectangular range in the upper right corner.

Unfortunately, the leak however, did not expose the front design of this phone this time around, making us to worry about what the front view will look like, if it'll be a dual facing camera or not but nevertheless, more leaks are still coming.

It is worth noting that this phone in the picture is very similar to the previously exposed Galaxy S11 renderings. Hence, the previous renderings also used a matrix camera arrangement.

Of course, the Samsung S11 may change more than just the arrangement of the cameras. Just a couple of days ago, Samsung submitted a "Bright Night Sensor" trademark application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), covering photography, photography and other aspects.

Based on Samsung's excellent night shooting quality in the past, perhaps this time the Galaxy S11 will have a night vision Yi "night performance.

As for the front of the phone, the Samsung S11 will most likely continue the Samsung S10's punched screen design, but the opening diameter may be smaller and placed in the top center of the phone.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will also use a hyperboloid design to bring better phone grip and overall appearance.


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