With the official release of the National Bank Switch, everyone has a better understanding of this game console, then what are the game masterpieces worth playing on this platform?

Recently, Nintendo officially announced the 2019 Switch game download rankings. The first place is actually a chicken-eating game "Fortress Night", "Minecraft" ranked third, and the high reputation "The Legend of Zelda" ranked 15th.

The National Bank Switch was jointly launched by Tencent and Nintendo. Its hardware configuration is the same as the overseas version previously released. The specific differences are the supporting services and game support.

For the game support that everyone cares about most, the National Bank version of the game is currently only available in "New Super Mario Bros. U: Deluxe Edition", while "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition" and "Super Mario Odyssey" will be launched in the next few weeks .

Meanwhile, without wasting much of your time, below is the list of 20 best Switch games with massive downloads in 2019:
  1. "Fortress Night"
  2. "Nintendo All-Star Brawl: Special Edition"
  3. Minecraft
  4. "Tea Cup Adventure"
  5. "Untitled Goose Show"
  6. Pokémon: Sword
  7. "Fire Emblem: Wind Flower Snow Moon"
  8. "NBA 2K19 ''
  9. "New Super Mario Bros. U: Deluxe Edition"
  10. "Dragon Ball: Fighter Z"
  11. Pokémon: Shield
  12. "Super Mario Made 2''
  13. "Monkey Kitchen 2''
  14. The Hollow Knight
  15. "The Legend of Zelda: Dream Weaver"
  16. "Luigi Building 3 ''
  17. "Rhythm Hailaru ''
  18. Super Mario Party
  19. Final Fantasy 7
  20. "Dragon Ball: Super Universe 2"


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