For anyone, the AirPods headset is always a very special and meaningful gift. However, for a 7-year-old child, this could be a very bad experience.

Specifically, according to Ms. Kiara Stroud, she gave an AirPods to her 7-year-old son. Unfortunately, he swallowed and swallowed one ear after that.

At the Atlanta Egelston Children's Health Hospital, doctors have identified the location of the AirPods and sought to remove it from the baby's abdomen. thanks to X-ray technology.

According to recount of Ms. Kiara Stroud, the doctors here were a bit embarrassed when they first encountered this situation. Based on the information posted, the AirPods are still in the boy's stomach and are expected to be taken out in a "natural" way.

It can be seen that AirPods are not a suitable gift for children, especially when they are not aware of their actions. In addition, this is also a note for you to keep this accessory away from the children in your home.


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