In an Apple facility located in Austin, Texas, there is still an employee, almost constantly working without any complaints and never demanding pay, or lunch break. It was a robot named Daisy.

Reportedly, Apple uses the Daisy robot to disassemble old iPhones and recover recyclable materials for the production of new iPhones. Accordingly, by using cold air flow at -115 degrees C, with only 4 steps, Daisy can remove the battery from an iPhone. With this process, within 1 hour, the robot can remove components from 200 different iPhones.

Based on the goal set, Apple wants to use all recycled materials to make new iPhones, instead of having to import materials from mineral suppliers. It can be seen, this is a really great idea, especially for those who have a lifestyle of environmental protection.

In response to the above information, iFixit's founder, Kyle Wiens, said: “This is really a crazy idea, when Apple can recover all the components of an iPhone. This is almost an impossible thing. Instead, Apple should focus on repairing older iPhones, rather than using them for recycling. ”

According to the information given, only in 2018, Apple has recovered 9 million old iPhones from its users. Of course, about 7.8 million iPhones are used by Apple for renovation purposes and the rest have been disassembled and recalled by Daisy robots.

After removing all the components and batteries, the older iPhones only had aluminum frames. This aluminum frame will be used for new iPhones, even the welds to attach components are also made from recycled tin. Meanwhile, the mineral suppliers said that Apple's idea will not affect too much of this industry.


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