Apple explains why it is not possible to hack iPhone for FBI || Here's why Apple cannot unlock iPhone for FBI

Recently, Apple once again amidst the controversy over encryption on the iPhone with the FBI. Specifically, the FBI required Apple to gain access to two locked iPhones with password, the two devices used in the Florida Naval Base attack last month.

At CES yesterday morning, Jane Horvath, Apple's director of privacy, said encryption technology will be used to protect customers when data stored on iPhone is vulnerable to unauthorized access. or in case the device has been lost.

It is known that, often, the information about health data as well as payment data are often stored by many users on their smartphones.

Therefore, Apple needs to ensure that the data on the user's iPhone is not "exposed" when lost. Therefore, End-to-end encryption is one of the extremely important steps.

In 2015, the FBI also used to unlock an iPhone 5C of a San Bernardino gunman, but Apple rejected the request later. CEO Tim Cook later said, when creating an iPhone "cracking" tool, if the software were in the wrong hands, any iPhone could be unlocked and the iPhone would no longer be a highly secured device.


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