iPhone 11 series 3 cameras are not enough? Just install the phone case and you can have wide-angle, macro, filter and fisheye lens at the same time

For months now, the iPhone 11 series has been in launched and thus, available for purchase. Even though Apple added a camera to the iPhone 11 series this time, it is still not enough for some consumers.

Now the good news is coming. Recently, an Aiyo0o mobile phone case with extended lenses, which includes wide-angle, macro, mirror and fisheye, has appeared on the Aiyo0o and historical online stores.

It is reported that this phone case can cover the entire phone to provide protection, while also providing wide-angle, macro, lens, fisheye expansion lens.

When the user is shooting, as long as the expansion lens on the shell is pushed out and the cover is opened, then the lens on the mobile phone can be used. Since each position is very close, the external lens generally in the form of a clip is different, there may be gaps and light leakage.

Additionally, the expansion lens is also provided with a protective cover, even if the phone is dropped on the ground, you do not have to worry about the phone being damaged.

At present, the Aiyo0o expansion lens mobile phone case is available in iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max models. It can be used with the phone lens to allow you to easily shoot effects comparable to SLR cameras.

As for the selling price, the price of the Aiyo0o mobile phone case is 650 Hong Kong dollars.



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