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Launcher from outset has been playing a crucial role on every smartphone. Meanwhile, it is one of the most effective tools for customizing the Android device interface, helping users to personalize daily use tasks and bring many new useful features.

While Launchers are not the only tool that helps in customizing an Android phone, icon packs and wallpapers also play a vital role to maintain the uniqueness and beauty of a smartphone.

Of course, we have some amazing wallpaper backgrounds you can you to spice up your mobile phone. On the other hand, in terms of icon packs, we have complied a list best, free and trending icon packs for 2020, which you can easily make use of.

Without wasting much time, below are 5 best and free launchers for Android in January 2020.

Download 5 Best, Free Launchers For Android In 2020:

1.) Nova Launcher (Free):

Nova Launcher is the world's most popular launcher with a huge number of users. Not only is it outstanding for its user-friendly interface and stable operation, it also comes with many useful customization functions. This however includes theme packs (themes), icon packs (application icons), color settings (dark mode, light mode), custom application compartment, dock bar and many other features only in new versions of Android.

One of Nova Launcher's biggest strengths is its optimization of the system, making it smooth on older Android devices. Hence, It's easier to backup, restore, or move personal settings to a new device. This launcher comes in two variants; Free Nova Launcher and Prime Nova Launcher


This launcher is provided with a lot of useful features to help customize the device interface such as changing colors according to the wallpaper, integrating many custom / extended theme libraries, friendly drivers. This launcher is good and suitable for those who like to customize many things on smartphones.

3.) Microsoft Launcher:

Microsoft Launcher provides a new home screen experience, allowing you to seamlessly switch between Android phone and PC. Microsoft Launcher helps you continue to view photos or documents on your phone easily, helping you work more efficiently on all your devices.

This application is highly customizable, allowing you to organize everything on your phone. Your personalized feed makes it easy to see your calendar, to-do list, and Sticky Notes anywhere. When you set up Microsoft Launcher as your new home screen, you can use the brand new home screen with your favorite apps, or enter your current home screen layout. Meanwhile, you can still be able to access your previous home screen if you need to.

4.) Launcher iOS 13:

Launcher iOS 13 will set a new standard for the Android mobile operating system, making your device perform better than before. Especially provides an interface similar to Apple devices and comes with many useful features of iOS.

5.) Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher comes with dozens of interesting features such as customizing the theme, moving the dock bar (according to Google's new style), infinite page scrolling, beautiful transition effects, hiding applications, customize the style of viewing the item, etc ...


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