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Last year, the Galaxy S10 brought out the trend of perforated screen. However, the perforated screen was seen at the top right corner of the screen. The Galaxy Note 10 also picked up this trend but this time around, the infinity O was noticed at the top center of the screen.

According to news so far, the Galaxy S20 is however, said to have a perforated screen as that of the Galaxy Note 10, though it'll be a bit smaller.

However, we just have couple of days away from official launch of the Galaxy S20, but the Galaxy S20 wallpapers have already leaked and thus, users can now download and experience the beauty of the wallpapers.

These wallpapers were leaked by XDA. Meanwhile, the leaked wallpapers come in a pack of 10, which includes 8 Galaxy S20 wallpapers and two videos.

According to the source, the final shipping product will have a ton more, something which many fans out there should look forward to. And in typical Samsung fashion, these wallpapers are crafted in such a way that they make any AMOLED display look stunning.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Stock Wallpapers:

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