Recently, Death Stranding got its rating for PC by ESRB and thus, rated the same as on PlayStation 4. However, this port will be published by 505 Games and of course, it is expected to launch in Summer 2020.

Death Stranding was quickly confirmed for PC before it even launched for the PS4. Meanwhile, this game happens to be a brand new IP from Hideo Kojima, who's also the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series.

He however, established a new development studio, Kojima Productions, after leaving Konami and then collaborated with Sony to create Death Stranding.

Death Stranding uses the Decima Engine that was developed by Guerrilla Games. They have used it for Horizon Zero Dawn while Kojima was given free hand in using it for Death Stranding, even bringing this engine for the first time to PC.

Death Stranding has been rated for PC by ESRB and given the same rating as the PS4 port. There doesn’t appear to be any difference between the PS4 or PC rating but they are listed separately.

When a rating is given, it usually signals some marketing or promotional material to start appearing for the game and it is possible the PC port will get some information in the coming days.


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