Recently, in smartphones and TVs, we have notice a clear trend in electronics products where the screen edges have become increasingly thinner. Samsung however, gives a different view on television set as it is no longer a thick screen tube, but a stylish accessory for your living room or bedroom.

Meanwhile, Samsung is about to unveil a new QLED TV which is only 15 mm thick and has a completely flat back. The smart TV is virtually borderless, but there is still a screen border of 2.3 mm - this is hardly visible to the eye.

Undoubtedly, Samsung is going to set a new standard for the future with the introduction of this television. Sadly, this new design is for the time being only reserved for the most expensive 8K QLED TV from Samsung, in the future you will also see these types of designs in cheap TV models - that is what industry experts expect.

This Samsung 8K TV with model number Q950TS is of course not only progressive due to its borderless design. Samsung has also built in an AI Quantum processor that combines 'machine learning' and 'deep learning'. This chip with artificial intelligence provides new upscale possibilities, whereby the image quality is converted to an 8K level, regardless of the image quality of the original image.

In other words, are you watching a television program that is broadcast in Full HD? Then the smart TV will automatically convert these images to a nicer 8K quality. Thanks to the AV1 codec you can also enjoy popular video streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix in 8K resolution. The new LG 8K OLED TV models also offer a similar AI upscale technology.

In addition, the Samsung QLED TV 2020 has a new 'Adaptive Picture' function, which contributes to extra clear and high-contrast images, despite of the viewing environment. So you do not have to close your curtains to prevent the bright sunlight that appears on your TV. Hence, the television screen automatically recognizes the environment and then automatically adjusts the brightness to the best level.

Moreover, it happens that not only the image quality is lifted to a new level with the 2020 TV line-up from Samsung, artificial intelligence also ensures sound innovation with a richer surround sound than before. For example, the new television model features OTS (Object Tracking Sound Plus), a technology that recognizes moving objects in videos and moves the sound from the left to the right speaker and vice versa. This technology is equivalent to 5.1-channel surround sound, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite movie or series.

Also new is the Q-Symphony function, this technology contributes to an impressive sound that is realized by simultaneously using the speakers of the TV and the connected soundbar. This feature has received the CES Best Innovation Award and delivers 9.1.4 channels for the best sound. Thanks to the integration of AVA (Active Voice Aplimifier), this QLED television can also recognize ambient sounds, after which the voice volume of the smart TV is automatically adjusted accordingly.

Finally, Samsung has redesigned the user interface of the Universal Guide. This makes it easier to consult the streaming content of various apps, among other things. There is also a Multi-View function added and a 'Mirror display', to display the content of your Galaxy smartphone on your TV.

Another new, interesting feature is Digital Butler, which allows the TV to recognize and operate not only devices that are connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but also older devices that are not connected to the Internet. How this works exactly is still unknown, it certainly sounds promising. The voice recognition service is also being expanded. In addition to Samsung Bixby, the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also installed. It is even possible to use the Samsung Health app via the Samsung smart TV.

CES 2020 starts on January 7, 2020, when the first rimless Samsung TV will be exhibited to the public. It is as yet unknown in which screen formats this 8K QLED TV is put on the market. Also, no information has yet been shared regarding the price and availability. The new TV models usually appear on the market in the spring.



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