It doesn't just have to be "shot, beat and bomb" to grab players' attention, at least that's what Bruce Straley, the co-director of The Last of Us, believes.

The former Naughty Dog producer explained that the sequences of “action with shooting and puzzles” is a simple solution to keep players involved in the game, but it's time to better balance narrative with gameplay mechanics.

During the Fun & Serious Game Festival in Spain, Straley cited Naughty Dog's two biggest titles (Uncharted and The Last of Us) and showed how to adjust the gap between gameplay and plot.

The world has to come up with interesting and compelling ways for gamers to figure out solutions - and that's a lot what games are. We need to put them in positions that strive to overcome obstacles, which means that the mechanics need to provide this solution.

Straley mentioned that the simple solution mindset was a necessity in 2007, but video games have taken on bigger proportions and now designers have "features and clarity." The producer praised two examples that were able to adapt to modernity: God of War and Death Stranding .

I believe all this is changing. I see Hideo Kojima's work as really good for the industry, making her shake a little. Indie games also make a noise all the time and I see extremely compelling experiences in the indie and AA scene.

Apparently, the new game from Naughty Dog will be interested in adjusting the difference between gameplay and story. Naughty Dog has already revealed that The Last of Us 2 will address “the impact of violence”, making gameplay an immediate response to the built universe and how it will affect the protagonist herself.


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