Since the launch of iPhone 11 series, its novel color matching design has been a topic of much talk. In addition to the colorful macaron design of the iPhone 11, the dark green of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max has also successfully emerged, becoming the most textured new iPhone color in the minds of users this year. So how is such a unique new color scheme made?

Recently, Cook visited Japan “Seiko Advance”, the supplier of the dark green color used on iPhone 11 pro and revealed the origin of "Dark Green" in an interview. However, during Cooks visit to the company earlier, the company's employees showed him a new "dark green" dye.

From a professional perspective, green inks usually need to be made with halogen-based pollutants, and Apple's high environmental protection requirements for inks have inspired Seiko inks to use cleaner methods to produce green with higher color accuracy and durability Ink.

Finally, after many considerations, Cook officially incorporated dark green into the color of the 2019 iPhone series. Hence, Seiko Ink is also the sole ink supplier for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max gold, silver and space gray color matching.

In addition to that, Cook said that in the future, Apple will continue to grow together with Seiko Ink and promote each other for more innovation.


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