Tekken 7 update comes with replay and balancing mode || Download Tekken 7 Patch 3.20 Update || What's new in Tekken 7 3.20 update

Tekken 7 patch 3.20 is now available for download. As usual, several balancing updates have been released. Interestingly, more than half of them are directed to Leroy Smith, who was part of the cast in the current season.

The need for so many nerfs in the character was attested in practice: last weekend, there was a big Tekken 7 tournament at EVO Japan. Among the eight best placed competitors, six elected Leroy as the main fighter.

The balance reached a few more fighters. They are: Yoshimitsu, Leo, Shaheen, Josie, Akuma, Geese, Lei, Anna and Ganryu. It is worth noting that an update can modify several aspects, such as damage and range of strokes and frame data.

The patch also brought a good news: from now on, it will be possible to view all the replays of your fights. In addition, while watching each replay, important tips are presented to improve your performance.

Bandai Namco is giving Tekken 7 a lot of attention. Initially, at launch, it already had 36 playable characters. With the subsequent DLCs, it has reached 45 fighters. In fact, Negan, the iconic character of the Walking Dead franchise, is also present in the cast.

The game, which arrived in 2017, has already exceeded four million sales worldwide until July 2019. However, these numbers are likely to grow even more.


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